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My Freak Finger Accident

March 13th, 2015 Posted by News, Uncategorized 6 comments

I must warn you that if you are the type of person that looks away at some of the scenes in Grey’s Anatomy, then this is NOT the blog for you – GRAPHIC IMAGES!


As some of you may have seen on social media, on Tuesday 10 March 2015 on a regular morning I arrived at gym with my gym trainer as I do most mornings and began my session as per normal. About half way through my session, we had finished doing bench press with free weights and I was on my first set of incline press. After my 12 reps I attempted to drop the weights at my side so I could sit up… And this is where the freak accident happened.


I was unaware that next to me were lying the weights from my previous set. As I let go of the 20kg weights my right ring finger got slammed between the weights I let go and the weights that were lying next to me – crushing the tip of my finger. At first it just felt like I had slammed my finger in the door. That is until I decided to look at the finger… This is what I saw:

image3image4 image5

Gross right?! Well naturally we rushed off to hospital to have it checked out. I didn’t scream or anything but I remember clearly praying out loud and feeling ill and faint in the parking lot. After a big mistake (ending up at some dodgy hospital) my brother and his fiancé transferred me to Mediclinic in Gardens. They were INCREDIBLE – brilliant nurses and doctors.

image7 image6

Later that afternoon I was admitted into surgery where the surgeon had to rebuild my nail bed, align the tip of my bone, remove my nail and re sew my nail back on as a temporary splint. It was a short 1-hour surgery and probably looks much worse than it was, but DAMN it was an ordeal. Can you believe that he put stitches through my nail to keep it in place?!

3 days later I had to go visit the surgeon again to check the wound. Check out the stitches:

image1 image2

This was probably the most painful part. Looks like he did a great job, but still so gruesome!


Anyway, in the process I have learned how hard it is to brush your teeth with your left hand, how hard it is to wash your left armpit with your left hand, how hard driving is with 1 hand, how frustrating typing is and how impossible it is to write with my left hand.


I must give a big thank you to my family, my gym trainer (Dan), my surgeon and all the nurses (who all were so kind and wanted to say hello because of my days on Hectic Nine-9) and to YOU for the incredible support. I literally have been dealing with the best and felt so loved!


Now I’m on my 6-week road to recovery… Prayers welcome!



March 2nd, 2015 Posted by Inspiration 4 comments

So Hectic Nine-9 is looking for new presenters and so is SABC3. If you plan to go to one or both of these, remember the points below. I have been to a few auditions myself and this is what I have taken away from them.

Presenter searches are scary things to attend… But there ARE ways you can prepare yourself for them if you are serious about wanting to put yourself on the line.

1) Prepare yourself to deliver a link. A link is no longer than 15 seconds. It needs to be delivered slowly and in an engaging way that shows your personality – do not try be too serious or contrived – they want to see YOU.

2) Know that by coming you are already past 50% of the way. Most people quit before they even try.

3) The hard truth about television is that when a show is looking for presenters they have already formulated in their minds the ‘type’ of character they want to see on the show. So if you don’t make it through, please don’t feel disheartened – this was just not the opportunity for you. Soon you will go to an audition where they will be looking for someone JUST like you.

4) Create an impression. This can be through your words, your link, your dress, the way you interact with the staff or whatever. Make sure the team remember you and can’t help but smile when they think of your audition.

5) Remember to not be arrogant. It’s your personality that sells on TV, nothing more, nothing less.

6) One of the best tricks I learned from all the auditions I have been to is to actually do your link in front of friends or family that will make you feel uncomfortable. This is good practise for when that camera is rolling and the adrenaline pumps. If you can get it seamlessly with your friends, the camera will be a breeze.

7) Sit before your audition and put yourself in a place where the company tells you that you DO NOT have the job. Feel what it feels like to do your best and be rejected. If you can mentally prepare yourself for that, you have nothing to lose by going to the audition.

8) BE YOURSELF. I keep repeating this, but TV is all about personality. The show doesn’t want a repeat of anyone. So if you are a complete nerd, be that. If you are sexy and sassy, be that. It’s all about how DIFFERENT you are.

9) Remember that you are amazing and capable and awesome… Out of over a thousand, there can only be 1 for this job. Be brave and take it on