The Truth About Money in Association with Danilo Acquisto

WIN a FREE Financial Education Short Course

July 23rd, 2014 Posted by Competitions 23 comments


I have partnered up with the Truth About Money – an initiative of 1Life Insurance to give away TEN short courses FOR FREE to any of you around South Africa on Financial Education because I am passionate about skills development and most people just don’t know how to save and eliminate debt! Even better is that the  application process is simple and can be done online.



Winning is simple. All you need to do is post a comment below in the comments section (by using your email address) stating why you need or would love to win one of the 10 courses. Make sure your motivation catches my eye. Please include your age in the comment. You then need to share the post.  If you are one of the 10 winners I will be posting your names on my website so keep your eyes glued for a new post and if you are one of the 10 selected winners, a member of the Truth About Money will give you a call to guide you through the simple application process using the promotional code Danilo Acquisto so that they know you are one of my winners.


Why Do I Even Need This?

The fact of the matter is that in the current job market, just having skills is not enough. You need your CV to stand out from the rest. In South Africa we are also facing a debt crisis where families are so deep in debt and have no idea how to get out. This is even more scary as you need to learn all of this while you are still young so that you don’t end up wasting money and getting credit cards that get you into debt. This course will equip you to make good financial decisions and could even help you build your assets so you can get that car or house you have always wanted

So what will the Financial Education course teach me?

Lesson 1: Develop A Wealth-Building Mindset

Do You Make Money?

Are You A Wealth Or Debt Builder?

Case Study: Middle Class Poverty

How Many Salaries Do You Have Left?

Learning From Millionaires

Achieving Financial Independence: Your Game Plan


Lesson 2: Financial Momentum (Or How To Get Rich, Faster)

The Formula For Financial Momentum

5 Key Principles Of Financial Momentum


Lesson 3: Dump Your Debt

Financial Fidelity – Good For Your Money And Relationship

Get On Top Of Garnishee Orders

Check Your Credit Record

Calculating Your Debt Position

Calculate Your Debt To Income Ratio

Debt Repayment Overview


Lesson 4: Manage Your Spending

Household Spending Plan

The Importance Of Prefunding

Savings-To-Income Ratio

Emergency Fund: Crash Proof Your Financial Affairs

Managing Your Money: Develop An Organised Approach

Monthly Expenses Clean-Up

Weekly Spend Plan

Kids: Money Management Headstart


Lesson 5: Your Financial Future Starts Now

The Power Of Planning

Teaming Up With The Moneyschool

Where To From Here

Do I Have To Travel Far And Often To Complete The Course?

One of the best things about the course is that it is all online and shouldn’t take you longer than between 6 and 8 hours and is held at any Boston College nationwide. Once you have applied and are chosen as one of the lucky 10 people to have been accepted, a representative from Boston will give you a call to help you locate your nearest Boston campus. Then the rest is easy – you just go to that Boston whenever you have a few hours to spare and do the course online – it’s that simple!

Who Can Apply?

The course is only available for anyone over the age of 18. You can only apply if you have a valid South African ID

Do I Walk Away With A Qualification?

At the end of the course, all 10 of you will walk away with a certificate of completion which is great for your CV especially if you are struggling to find new jobs – extra courses makes you more attractive to potential employers

How Long Do I Have To Apply?

I am only subsidising 10 people to go on the course so the quicker you apply the better your chances of being one of the 10. This coming Friday 31 August I will be going through all the submissions.

Get sharing NOW and if you have any questions you can always just tweet me @Danilo_Acquisto or post a message on my Facebook Page or even visit the Truth About Money Website

The Truth About Money in Association with Danilo Acquisto

The Truth About Money in Association with Danilo Acquisto


Lourens shoatja says:

This will be a great opportunity for me as it was my dream to go to Boston college .i couldnt go anywhere due to financia problems, so if i could get this chance i will be the first person in my family to get a dream was to study media studies as i want to be a television presenter as i look up to the people like Danilo and Raphael.

Bellinah Mabizela says:

I’m a 22 year old lady and winning a Financial Education is a great opportuniy since funding is rear to further your studies it would be a great opportunity to have qualifications while it is hard to find jobs at this time.

Romano Austin Bradley Claassen says:

Hi I’m Romano from the Westerncape , Oudtshoorn Dysselsdorp. My dream is to go and study next year for a malenurse at Emmaneul Nursing school in Oudtshoorn , but I do not have the money to go and study further. We live on social welfare grants. I help to take care of my sister and two brothers despite this I am a top student and work in a Restaurant at weekends. This show I have initiative and am responsible , efficient , deternined and am bitious. I hope for a favourable response. Thanks God Bless!

charlotte mkhonto says:

im a 21year old 3rd year student, in a few months time i will be taking on the big world and gaining more financial freedom. im highly business minded therefore how i manage my finances as well as how i gain those finances is very important. not only will the short course prepare me for when i get a new job or start up my new business, but It will teach me how to get to a state where my money works for me even now as a student instead of the other way around.

Johannes says:

The reason why I think I’m the right person to WIN this Course is that I’m realy warried about SA,s finance an I have seen a lot of people like my sister who was working but at the end of evry month she couldn’t manage her salary which was very stressful to her because she ended up spending more then what she had budgeted .winning this course will give me the power help many people around me with finance advise an more which will solve their struggling with their finance problem turn in history an people realy need someone who can help them manage their salaries .

Lwandile Damane says:

Why I think i should win one of the courses is because I only have a matric certificate in my name,would’ve loved to continue with school /go further but ‘cos of financial reasons one couldn’t.Not only that,a dude had it tough growing up,lost both parents while in high school so that forced to go work after high school so I can take care of myself.

Thandeka Sithole says:

I’m a 21 year old,driven lady who has dreams of owning businesses and I need to know how to handle the financial side. I’m a part-time student and I work part-time to pay my fees so I need the guidance towards handling my finances well and I just love studying:) learning new things so I would love to be given this opportunity.

Zanokuhle Mabuza says:

I’d like to enter for a friend. Just yesterday, she was asking me for tips about managing money, and I’ve also watched her manage and contribute to other people’s finances at our church with diligence, integrity, and passion.

But here’s the thing: she hardly has a rand to her name. She’s 22, retrenched from a job she was doing well at, has a household to support, has been getting by on help from family and friends, and is looking for any resources available to up-skill herself.

It would really be great to surprise her with this course. Given the opportunity, I know she would use it to make the best of her current position in life, empower herself; and use these skills not just for herself, but for her family, friends, church, and community.

Hi Zano

Please can you submit the name and email address of your friend. We will CC you in if they are successful

Zanokuhle Mabuza says:

Hey Danilo. Sure – will send them now now.

Zanokuhle Mabuza says:

Her name is Ellen and her phone number is 0733147626. I’ve contacted her to see if she has access to an email address and am waiting for her response.

Zanokuhle Mabuza says:

(Shouldn’t be posting people’s details publicly. I’d appreciate if you’d be able to delete once you’ve received it. Apologies for the hassle).

Hi zano as you can see, comments only go live if I approve them.
We will send you the congratulations email and you can forward the team on to the winner. Is that ok?

Johannes says:

I’m 20 years old of age .

Melony Adams says:

Dear mr Acquisto

My name is Melony Adams.I am 24 years of age and I am from Stellenbosch.

Firstly I would just like to say wow this is such a great opportunity.It’s not everyday that you get something for free and that would benefit your future. I am all about new challenges and this is something I would really like to do.I am a hard working young woman that loves life and always see the good in people .

I am a qualified nail technician and would like to start my own business in the future and this course would be so beneficial.I am not financially strong so this opportunity would be so great for me.

Kind regards.
Melony Adams

Siyamthanda Jacobs says:

I’m 21 years old.I’m hard working and i enjoy studying and learning new things.Accounting in high school was one of my strongest subjects.this course will help open doors for me.

Lloyd says:

I started a company last year, to be successful at 30-this year I got the talent and all that goes with this…But no financial know-how this will be a great step to better financial freedom for my personal and business finance.

Faeezah says:

Hi my name is Faeezah I am 23yrs of age, the reason why I find this post valuable its cause I am so interested in doing what’s best. At the age of 16 I dropped out of school due to financial circumstances I had to stay at home for further duration so I had to seek work to provide for my family which my Mom wasn’t working at the time single mom, since I had the job my for 2 and a half years my contracted ended which I wasn’t qaulified enough for the job I worked for,
Sadden by what went through in that cause of time I just stayed at home looking after my disabled sister which now passed away for 5 years I am.

My mom started working and helped me to get in at northlink business campus, I had severe depression at the time studies went well but couldn’t go further due to my depression which I was verbally and emotionally abused from my step-father, I discontinued to futher my studies never completed the first year I was emotionally broken at the time because I never accomplished my goal, time passed by I just stayed at hom and looked for a job again also contract ended so until now I am married and 23 yrs I have a complicated relationship with my husband I have a five month old son I am blessed by God for my wonderful blessing my son, just one thing I still live the life that I believe in so I can have evrything to reach my dreams.

Just think this is a Good opportunity fr me to accomplish my goal in life.

Thanks for reading my story.

zandiswa says:

Hi iwould realy love 2 take part coz I’m realy not in controll of my debt so ineed da lessons and expirience so ican keep a low budget for the future coz I’m still sooo young 2 be stuck in debts realy hoping 2 be 1 of 10 plp coz this is motivational 2 me and wth the expirience ican help many young and old people in my community by also helping them solve debt through my knowledge I’m 22yrs old

Faeezah says:

My name is Faeezah I live in cape town I am 23yrs of age….

I am so glad I came across this message…..

Dear reader

I’ve been struggling to get on my feet for the last 7 years, I am a drop out school leaver, my mom couldn’t afford to pay my fees so that I can get on the going of My school, due to that I hadbto look after my disabled sister who passed away 5 years ago, which is sadden. I haven’t had the chance to do the things I wanted to in life I have worked before since my family is not independent I looked for abjob but didn’t last me long so I had to leave cause my contract ended. I stayed home where my mom started working and applied for myself a bursary(student loan) ,u studies didn’t last me long I was under severe depression, my stepfather emotionally and verbally abused me I had to indergo counselling, I dropped out of college the half year of college, I was slim such a state I lost my hair had servere anxiety I couldn’t focus on my life at the point, time passed by I got a job at a retail shop not to long contract ended…I stayed at home under stress cause I couldn’t do what’s best for myself in life, I prayed everyday fpr an opportunity to get my life on tract but no luck. At 21 years old I got married had a child at child at five months but passed away, again sitted with depression and anxiety, I just wanted keep myself occupied with a job but couldn’t find cause if the mere stress I have had, I am exactly 23 years old and god again blessed me with a baby boy now five months and I am married my relationship is not well but I hang in there, I a, trying seeking a job I font have much qsulifications, I am looking for that one goals in life that I can achieve so I know I can have everything to reach my dreams in life.



amanda mbarane says:

Am Amanda mbarane am a 24 year old girl with 2 children winning this will be a blessing to me I drop out of school at a early age couse I have no one to take care of ma children to work as a domestic worker ma dream was to be came an accountant but that all went to the drain nd it real hurt seeing ma formar class mates having a life ahead knowing that I had to be where they are to am still young I know I can still be a learner

nkhensani says:

hi there

im 25 years old lady,winning a finacial education is a great opportunity since funding is rear to further my studies it would be a great opportunity to have qualification and i thing this is the a good opportunity for me to accomplish my goal

thank you

Johannes says:

Hi Danilo. I’m not sure on what is going on .
I have not received anything e.g email or a call on what’s going on with the course .
please feel free to contact 0847696957 . . .

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