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September 21st, 2015 Posted by Competitions, Inspiration, News, Opinion Piece 2 comments

I recently learned that of the 53 million South Africans, only 280 000 invest in shares on the JSE. That’s less than 0.5% of our population! That’s a scary number. I am only 24 and after writing my article for the Sunday Times Business Section and receiving all the feedback I got, I felt it was time I took you step by step into how to start investing young!


On Thursday (24 September) I’ll be revealing a pretty awesome project I’m be embarking on with the legends at www.easyequities.co.za – and the best part about it is that YOU stand to WIN in many epic ways if you join me on the journey.

That’s all I’ll say for now…

In the meantime, be sure to keep tabs on my social media platforms for the big reveal later this week. There are going to be loads of tips and inspiring chats and I can guarantee you that it’s not about having lots of money to invest. It takes R50 and learning how. You LOSE money at the bank. This will help you GAIN money quite simply… I know it’s daunting so stay close and let’s walk this together. It’s actually really simple!

Here’s what happens to your money when you start early:


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Keanan says:

After participating in the JSE School Challenge I leaned how simple it was to invest your money and I was able to learn more about how the market works, I think its a great way to teach young adults how important and easy it is to invest. But what did intrigue me was that the average joe doesn’t think they are deserving of the “Investment”, they just don’t think its possible. And your post really shows that there are ways to invest with as little as R300p/m, I’d wish more people could see this post. I’ll be achingly waiting for you competition news!

Chelsea says:

Danilo, because of your encouragement, I have finally started investing. It no longer seems an exercise reserved for the elite! Thank you!

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