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September 24th, 2015 Posted by Competitions, Inspiration, Uncategorized 10 comments

I promised you a big reveal, and HERE IT IS!

Educating and empowering South Africans of all ages is something I’m very passionate about. Investing is another big interest of mine, but I feel there aren’t enough of us out there who understand investing, or utilise it to its full potential (maybe you think it’s too complicated or ‘is only for people with loads of money’)– and it’s to our detriment. When I was only 19 and started earning a bit of money I was encouraged to try and commit to putting at least something away every month. It all started with an investment account. Investing in shares is actually not difficult at all – it just takes a plunge – and I have gone out and found the easiest way to get a foot in the door so you can trust that doing it this was is the best start to something much greater.

As I mentioned earlier this week, I recently learned that of the 53 million South Africans, only 280 000 invest in shares on the JSE. That’s less than half a percent of South Africans. That’s terrible and maybe why we see South Africans in so much debt. It’s widely known that us South Africans aren’t among the best savers (of money) in the world, and as soon as we get cash, we find (what we think are) great ways to spend it (flashy cars, a new watch, a cool phone). Immediately. Not the best idea for our future.

Let’s change that. Let’s start a revolution. Let’s embark on a journey to drive a better culture of investment and saving in South Africa – starting with you and me! I know it sounds intimidating but there are ways to start off nice and easy with a SMALL sum of money. Imagine if you could tell your friends/family that your money grows while theirs sits in a bank and LOSES value.

Kicking off today, I’m issuing you with a challenge, where you’ll be rewarded big time (by me and by your future self).

The challenge is simple:

1) Head on over to (it’s VITAL that use use THIS link as that’s the only way to know that you signed up with me)

2) Sign up for an EasyEquities account (It’ll take less than five minutes. I’ve done it!)

3) Once you’ve signed up, FICA your account (using the easy and safe submission process.)

4) Deposit your R50 to start investing (their payment system is 100% secure, so don’t be scared about inserting your payment details. I’ve done it myself and my details are safe.)

5) Once you’ve signed up, take a selfie with your confirmation email/EasyEquities profile page in the background (but be sure NOT to have your personal account details visible) and tag @EasyEquities @DaniloAcquisto #EasyInvesting.

To make life even simpler (and more visual), here are a few 2min videos to help you get the ball rolling:

- How to register an account:

- Why on earth should I start investing:

- How do I FICA?

There are LOADS more videos on their Youtube Channel


I promised you rewards, now what are they?

1) If you take up this challenge with me signing up with the link above (between 24 September and 27 October) you stand to win an exclusive one-on-one day out with me. My treat. We’ll head out to one of the coolest spots in your city and spend the morning or afternoon (the winner can decide) hanging out in good company, eating great food, and chatting all things fun, fulfilling, investment and awesome. Heck, we might even snap a few selfies, and there’ll be a few more surprises in store for you.

2) We’ll have some really cool spot prizes along the way between now and 27 October, where anyone who accepts this challenge and starts investing, will stand to win.

3) If you don’t win the one-on-one experience with me this time, you’ll at least have made the first move to taking your financial future into your own hands.


As “thanks” for joining me on this quest, I might even throw in a few more surprises along the way… *wink wink*

In the coming weeks, I’ll be with you on the investment journey and will be sharing my top investment tips and some secrets from some of SA’s biggest investors with you on social media and right here on my site.

Now all that’s left for you to do is decide: are you up for the challenge?

If so, let’s get investing! #Operation1K


*Featured Image Credit: @GreatGrampops


Asma says:

hi :) Awesome stuff! Challenge accepted. What is the referral code that we use when registering our account? Is it just your name?

Don’t stress about a code… As long as you used the link provided you’re on our list… Make sure to send that selfie

Philasande says:

Thanks for opening my eyes about investing. I just need to learn m0re about it #BIGUPC

Great news!! Hopefully I will get as much material online as possible to help you!

Gerard says:

Your challenge has been accepted and a good luck with #Operation1K I’m spreading the word where I can so that this can reach over 1K of our fellow humans

Cliff says:

Awesome smart investment danilo,I’ve researching ways to get into stock market local and global,currently trying to get in to a ferrari account which is said to be going public with share today and have been facing challenges but you introduce smart easy ways to invest as most of us youth are unemployed but still want to play a role in the economic cycle of the country,thank you Man always.

Zonke Duma says:

hey there im glad i saw this post on fb this is what i needed to here because althoug i don’t have a permant job i’ve trying to figure out how can i invest because i have lot of idea on projects that can develop my community. Thanks alot for the challenge will get started with it soon and would love to have that one-one with you, you just inspire me because we the same age and when i watch you i know everything is possible. God is Good indeed be blessed!!!

Thanks Zonke! Get entering and maybe you could win that one-on-one. I’d love to hear your story!

Chelsea says:

Thank you for this iniative, Danilo. Even me as a quarter century old, almost, I have a barrier when it comes to investing, just like you said, that one needs a lot of money, or knowledge. Investing has always sounded like a lot of work and seemed very daunting. Your experience and this project really makes the step into investing a lot easier for people who are anxious about anything new, especially when it comes to money.

Awesome Chelsea!! Please shout if I can help you get registered and going

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