The Power of Introverts

September 17th, 2014 Posted by Inspiration 7 comments

So all too often I get called a loud mouth… I am the typical example of what might be termed an extrovert. I thrive off being the centre of attention, being loud and feeding off people.

It has always been the viewpoint that people like me are the best to have in a company – we are innovative, able to sell, we contribute to society…

But today I just want to paint another viewpoint. Today I realised the power of introverts. I also realised how dangerous it can be for an extrovert to overshadow an introvert. The video I have attached is awesome! So much to learn from it. I wish more companies and teachers would watch it! Quiet people aren’t strange – they are highly intelligent and take a while to process information but when they do, the results are mind-blowing!

So learn to understand yourself better and realise you DO have a unique role to play. Work to those strengths.

Introverts ROCK and here’s why:



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Ciao for now!


andy says:

yeees! Introverts ROCK! People think we’re boring and dull and weird that we find comfort and fun in small groups, but we’re amazing. . . .the best ppl eva nd truth be told, therd be no Extroverts without introverts, just a bunch of loud m0uthd ppl that get on eachothrz nerves!

Haha! Thanks Andy… Maybe not the WHOLE truth but still a truth… Extroverts need introverts to listen and make informed judgements about our impulsiveness

andy says:

hahaha, yeah well, I mite have gotten a lil carried away there for a while! Thank you for the article thou, wl hlp ppl undastand each other beta.

Happiness Nhlapo says:

I am an introvert,and I always thought something was wrong with me.Growing up was hard because I didn’t have any friends,because they thought it was boring to hang out with someone who is quiet…I am more of a listen kinda girl.Thank you for this article,you’ve just made my day :-).Now I know that it’s not a bad thing to be an introvert.I ROCK :-D.

You are, Happiness! And you are very intelligent… Thanks for sharing :-)

Tarryn Tomlinson says:

Good share :)

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