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Television presenter & producer, voice-over artist, MC, entrepreneur, radio personality and UCT graduate. These are a few words that can be used to describe 23 year old Danilo Acquisto- quite the achiever right? Selected as our ZAlebrity Crush of the week we caught up with the star to find out what he’s up to.

Besides being an all-round entertainer you’re also quite the entrepreneur.  Just a couple of years ago you published your 6B magazine can you tell us more about that venture in your life?

I’ve always felt like media personalities in South Africa aren’t necessarily involved in the broader scheme of imparting new knowledge and encouraging youngsters to find new careers.  First off I’m ADD, so I’ve always liked to place my fingers in many different pies and from that my interest in entrepreneurship grew very quickly as I felt like there wasn’t much more I could learn from television and radio. So I just thought to myself “why not create new opportunities for myself and others?”

6B was my stepping stone purely because I knew a lot of famous people who could keep it real and actually inform youngsters about the difficulties of being an entertainer. I saw a need in youngsters wanting to be more informed about the ins and outs of being an entertainer and I provided that service and I guess that’s what entails being an entrepreneur.

We like how you keep it real with the bad and the ugly side of the celebrity life, it really isn’t all glitz and glam is it?

Like I said I get to interact with quite a lot of famous people and I’ve found that a lot of the time during social interactions, a lot of the celebrities are faking their lifestyles, they’re not necessarily living their lives to the fullest.

For instance, some of the things they have are sponsored; other times they’re tweeting because something has been offered to them. Maybe They’re at events because they’re told to be there which leads to them hustling for an outfit and that’s not what I believe in. I believe that my brand has much more to offer rather than representing this fake life.

How have you found the journey as presenter of Hecticnine9?

It’s been a great learning experience; I’m now not only a presenter but I also produce for the show.  I’ve been on the show since 2010 so I’ve managed to be one of their co-anchors for a while now.  But like I’ve mentioned, I felt as though I wasn’t growing much as a presenter so I then requested to learn more about the production sphere.

In the past we’ve had great kiddies show like KTVTube and Wildroom.  As a producer do you think South African children’s television is heading to the right direction or is it dwindling?

Not to be biased but I think Hecticnine9 is the best youth show to be referring to right now we’ve been around since 2007 with about 3 million viewers on a daily and its success comes from the fact that the show has a lot of diversity.  South Africans are divers. They don’t only want to hear about music or entertainment, they want to have a holistic experience of the real world and that is what Hecticnine9 offers. In terms of South African youth television, yes we have a long way to go. We’re not that good in comparison to international standards and I will always compare our local standards to those of the international one’s because that’s the only way we can improve.

Ladies we have quite a catch here don’t you think?

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